What Is Short For Reconnaissance?

Is Recce short for reconnaissance?

Recce /ˈrɛkiː/ may refer to: Reconnaissance, military scouting.

SEAL Recon Rifle, a rifle used by US Navy SEALs also called the Recce Rifle..

Is Recon short for reconnoiter?

Often called recce (British, Canadian and Australian English) or recon (American English), the associated verb is reconnoitre or reconnoiter.

How do you spell reconnaissance?

British Dictionary definitions for reconnaissancethe act of reconnoitring.the process of obtaining information about the position, activities, resources, etc, of an enemy or potential enemy.a preliminary inspection of an area of land before an engineering survey is made.

What does Recco mean?

Noun. 1. recco – reconnaissance (by shortening) recce, reccy. reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission – the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy); “an exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission”

What does barter mean?

Barter is an act of trading goods or services between two or more parties without the use of money (or a monetary medium, such as a credit card). In essence, bartering involves the provision of one good or service by one party in return for another good or service from another party.

What does reconnoitering the rim mean?

“Reconnoitering the rim,” a phrase that also provides the title of the episode, is an archetypal Deadwood neologism, a collection of words that may or may not mean something, yet that when assembled, create an electric force field, an accretion of meaning, that gives it the status of epiphany.

What is reckon order?

: to go to (a place or area) in order to find out information about a military enemy : to do a reconnaissance of (a place) See the full definition for reconnoiter in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

How do you pronounce reconnoitre?

Tips to improve your English pronunciation:Break ‘reconnoitre’ down into sounds: [REK] + [UH] + [NOY] + [TUH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.Record yourself saying ‘reconnoitre’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.More items…

What is the abbreviation for reconnaissance?

reccerecce (plural recces) (Britain, Canada, New Zealand, military slang) Reconnaissance.

What does the word reconnoitre mean?

verb. to survey or inspect (an enemy’s position, region of land, etc); make a reconnaissance (of)

How do you spell recce?

“Recce” is borrowed from the military expression of the same name, which derived from “reconnaissance” in the noun sense and “reconnoitre” in the verb sense.