What Had Transformed Mrs Thompson Completely?

What type of person was Mrs Thompson?


Thompson was a very ill tempered and irritating natured person before Maggie came into her life.

She doesn’t likes children as she did not have her own..

Who finally takes Maggie home with them?

Nobody in the village agrees to take in the invalid Maggie. One of the villagers suggests that she should be taken to the poorhouse, but Mr Thompson out of compassion takes Maggie home along with him.

What kind of person was Mrs Joe Thompson How did she react Maggie?

Answer: Mrs. Joe Thomson was a bad tempered lady . when she saw Maggie in the arms of Joe Thompson, she became angry and asked him that why did he brought Maggie home.

What change do the readers find in Mrs Thompson Behaviour towards Maggi?

Answer. Mrs. Thompson used to be a sour, irritable, I’ll tempered and called Maggie a sick brat but afterwards Maggie’s sweetness, love, patience and gratitude transformed her and she started loving maggie.

Why is Maggie called a precious burden?

Answer. In the above quoted line Maggie, the sick young girl, is called a precious burden literally as well as metaphorically. For Joe Thompson, it felt like a heavy burden to carry a child. She was precious just because she was a human being, and not a lifeless mass.

How did Maggie prove to be an angel in disguise?

The Thompsons ended up keeping Maggie, and she became a blessing for them. There was a drastic change in the nature of Mrs. Thompson, she was now loving, patient and gratitudeful and she carried her in her heart as well as in her arms a precious burden. Therefore, Maggie was an angel in disguise.

What food did Mrs Thompson give Maggie to eat?

Thompson provides food for Maggie. Mrs. Thompson toasted a bread slice and then added milk and butter to soften it. She also gave Maggie a cup of tea.

Who is the angel in disguise and why?

Answer. In the story “The angel in disguise”, the angel in disguise is Maggie. Before Maggie came into the lives of JoeThompson and Mrs. Thompson, Mrs.

What was the reaction of Mrs Thompson when the sick child was brought in?

Answer. Mrs. Thompson was at first, angry and continually questioned Joe about the fate of the child. Her loneliness and lack of a child had worsened her temperament and made her a cold-hearted person.

How did Maggie react when Mrs Thompson questioned her husband angrily what have you brought?

Answer:It asked her to be gentle and spoke to his very angry wife. She knows after comfortable and placing Maggie on a lead. Maggie started shrinking against Mr. Thompson when mrs.

What does it reveal about Joe Thompson character?

Mr. Thompson’s personality is vividly revealed: ‘Though rough in exterior, Joe Thompson, the wheelwright, had a heart, and it was very tender in some places. He liked children, and was pleased to have them come to his shop…’ judging by this phrase we get to know that Mr.

Who was Joe Thompson What did he say about Maggie?

Answer. Jo Thompson is a black blacksmith who takes Maggie to his own home and told his wife that woman’s heart was sometimes very hard. He placed Maggi in the little Chamber of his house Mrs . Thompson tone was full of anger and astronomers his face was red with the anger.

What did Joe Ask Maggie after he took her little hands in his How did Maggie reply to Joe?

Answer. Joe asks maggie that if she could feel pain. Maggie replied to him that she has pain when you lift me up in your arms..

What type of person was Mrs Thompson before Maggie came into her life?

Mrs Thompson was a bitter and angry person before Maggie came into her life. She had nothing to love and care for out of herself, and so became sore, irritable, ill-tempered, and self-afflicting in the desolation of her woman’s nature.

How are Maggie and Mr Thompson an angel in disguise for one another?

The Thompsons took Maggie as their own. Mrs. Thompson, the once vinegar tempered woman, was now a loving mother. Thus, Maggie was an angel in disguise for the Thompsons.