Quick Answer: What Is RL In Building Terms?

What is a datum mark?

A datum is a point, line, or surface from which dimensions are taken.

It is the place to start.

This is important to note when marking out a job.

The datum can be a single point eg the centre of a hole or face of a feature to a component..

What does RL stand for in construction?

Reduced levelFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Relative level in surveying refers to equating elevations of survey points with reference to a common assumed datum.

What is BS and FS in surveying?

h) Back sight : (B.S.) – The first sight taken on a levelling staff held at a point of known elevation. B.S. enables the surveyor to obtain HI +sight i.e. Height of Instrument or line of sight. i) Fore Sight : (F.S.) – It is the last staff reading taken from a setting of the level. It is also termed as minus sight.

What does FS mean in surveying?

Fore sightFore sight (FS) – short for “fore sight reading”, the last staff reading taken before changing the instrument to the other position. It is the staff reading taken on point whose RL is to determined. This sight is considered as negative and deduced from Height of Instrument to determine RL of the point.

What is Rise and Fall method?

Rise and Fall Method: It consists of determining the difference of elevation between consecutive points by comparing each point after the first that immediately preceding it. The R.L is then found adding the rise to, or subtracting the fall from the reduced level of preceding point. …

What does RL stand for in electronics?

resistor–inductor circuitA resistor–inductor circuit (RL circuit), or RL filter or RL network, is an electric circuit composed of resistors and inductors driven by a voltage or current source.

What is datum point?

In engineering and drafting, a datum is a reference point, surface, or axis on an object against which measurements are made. … Datum reference frames are used as part of the feature control frame to show where the measurement is taken from. A typical datum reference frame is made up of three planes.

What is a datum point in construction?

On a construction project, a datum level is an arbitrary horizontal plane of reference from which all vertical dimensions are measured. … Datum levels are useful as they provide points of reference to allow the vertical setting out of buildings and how they relate to other levels on a site.

What does GL and RL mean?

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How do you read a level plan?

The levels on the site plan are the numbers next to the crosses on the site plan. They look like this: The cross marks where the level was taken on the site with the equipment, and the number is the height. If you look at the site plan, on the bottom left of the corner of the site is the level 10.00.

What is RL in result?

Clarity on the result of the subject would be shared with the student through separate communication. RL: Results Later is a new abbreviation. This year due to the coronavirus pandemic, a few papers were cancelled. The board had released the evaluation criteria for such papers.

What is meant by Levelling?

to make (a surface) horizontal, level, or even. 9. to make (two or more people or things) equal, as in position or status. 10. ( transitive)

What is RL measured in?

Reduced levelReduced level (RL): this is the height or elevation above the point adopted as the site datum for the purpose of establishing levels. To establish the required depths for a drainage system you need to work from the datum point. The datum is taken as a reduced level of 10,000.

What is HI method?

Height of instrument method deals with obtaining the RL of the line of collimation by adding BS reading of a point whose RL is known. The RL of line of collimation is called Height of Instrument. From this, the staff readings of all intermediate stations is subtracted to get the RL at those points.

What does RL mean on jewelry?

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What is Profile Levelling?

Profile leveling is a method of surveying that has been carried out along the central line of a track of land on which a linear engineering work is to be constructed/ laid. The operations involved in determining the elevation of ground surface at small spatial interval along a line is called profile leveling.

How do you calculate RL?

8 Rise and Fall Method This method consists in finding the difference of level between consecutive points by comparing each point after the first with that immediately preceding it. The reduced level (R.L.) is found by adding rise of subtracting fall to or from the preceding reduced level itself (R.L.).

How do you take rl in a survey?

Procedure:Set up the leveling instrument at Level position 1.Hold the staff on the Datum (RL+50 m) and take a reading. … Move the staff to A and take a reading. … Move the staff to B and take a reading. … Move the staff to C and take a reading. … Move the staff to D and take a reading.More items…

What are the types of datum?

There are two main datums in the United States. Horizontal datums measure positions (latitude and longitude) on the surface of the Earth, while vertical datums are used to measure land elevations and water depths.

What is GL in slang?

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