Quick Answer: What Is It Called When You Rely On Others?

What does the word rely mean?

to depend confidently; put trust in (usually followed by on or upon): You can rely on her work..

What does the word depend mean?

verb (used without object) to rely for support, maintenance, help, etc. (usually followed by on or upon): Children depend on their parents. to be conditioned or contingent (usually followed by on or upon): His success here depends upon effort and ability.

What word means build knowledge?

What is another word for knowledge?understandingapprehensionintelligencelearningcomprehensionfamiliarityinsightcognitioncultivationintellect216 more rows

How do you identify a freeloader?

10 ways to spot the freeloader in your circle of friendsHere’s how to spot the freeloader early on:Wallet gets left at home. This can happen to everyone at some time, but some people seem to make a habit of it. … Forgotten drinks. … Always a guest and never a host. … Always on the cheap. … No petrol contribution. … A lack of generosity. … Recycled gifts.More items…•

What is another word for rely?

What is another word for rely?dependcountrely onbet onreckon onlean oncalculate ontake as readbe preparedassume110 more rows

What is a freeloader?

Freeloading and mooching are colloquial terms for when a person uses resources that do not belong to them, for their own gain or benefit. A person who freeloads is called a freeloader or a mooch.

What does it mean when you rely on someone?

1 : to need (someone or something) for support, help, etc. : to depend on (someone or something) My mother relied on me for financial support. They rely on a well for all their water. 2 : to trust or believe (someone or something) She’s someone you can rely on.

What do you call someone who takes but never gives?

a person who takes advantage of others’ generosity without giving anything in return. … If the person is a friend you would often just call them needy.

What do you call a person you confide in?

If you have a confidante, you’re lucky. She is a friend you can confide in, someone you trust with your private thoughts, and who you’re sure can keep a secret. If your trusted friend is male, you call him your confidant. In fact, you could call a male or a female “secret keeper” your confidant (without the “e”).

What do you call someone who relies on others?

2. Noun: dependant di’pen-dunt. A person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support) dependent.

What is a Sophomaniac?

Noun. (uncountable) A delusion of superior intelligence.

How do you tell if a man is taking advantage of you?

Here are 10 dead giveaways you’re being taken advantage of.They refuse to define the relationship. … They’re preoccupied with someone else. … Your partner is perfect only when you’re alone. … They never make time for you. … You work harder at the relationship. … They guilt you into things you don’t want to do.More items…•

What do you call a person who asks for money?

noun. The definition of a beggar is a person who asks people for money or gifts to sustain himself, or is a person who is extremely poor. An example of a beggar is someone who stands on the street corner with a sign asking for money. An example of a beggar is a homeless person.

Is Freeloader a bad word?

Freeloader Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for freeloader?bloodsuckerhanger-ondown-and-outpoor personpoverty-stricken personstreet personalms personward of state32 more rows

How do I stop being a freeloader?

Always be clean and neat. Caring about your appearance says alot about you, like if you are a lazy person, you won ‘t care how you look. Put being a lazy person in the past. Never be afraid to work hard at everything you do.