Quick Answer: What Element Has Most Neutrons?

Is Element Zero Possible?

The only stable isotope has zero protons and zero neutrons, and is known as nothing.

There’s another isotope with a half-life of 10.3 minutes that has no protons and one neutron.

It’s known as a free neutron.

“Element Zero” is merely the human nickname for this material..

What element has 159 neutrons?

LawrenciumNameLawrenciumAtomic Mass262.0 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons103Number of Neutrons159Number of Electrons1039 more rows

Why is oxygen atomic number 8?

Oxygen with the symbol O has the atomic number 8 which means it is the 8th element in the table. The number eight also means that oxygen has eight protons in the nucleus. The number of protons and the number of electrons are always the same in an element that is neutral and has no charge.

What element has 9 protons and 10 neutrons?

fluorine atomsReason: Consider fluorine atoms with 9 protons and 10 neutrons.

Who found ytterbium?

Jean Charles Galissard de MarignacYtterbium/DiscoverersMarignac in 1878 discovered a new component, which he called ytterbia, in the earth then known as erbia. In 1907, Urbain separated ytterbia into two components, which he called neoytterbia and lutecia. The elements in these earths are now known as ytterbium and lutetium, respectively.

Which city is lutetium named after?

ParisLutetium was discovered in 1907–08 by Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach and Georges Urbain, working independently. Urbain derived the name for the element from Lutetia, the ancient Roman name for Paris, to honour his native city.

What element has 16 neutrons?

PHOSPHORUSPHOSPHORUS – I am a member of the nitrogen family with 16 neutrons.

Why are all elements above 82 unstable?

In the case of atoms of elements with a mass greater than 82, the level of binding energy does not allow stability. The force of repulsion between the particles that constitute the nucleus makes the atoms split and atoms of new elements are formed as they try to reach a nuclear configuration which is stable.

What is the element with 0 neutrons?

element hydrogenThere is only one stable atom that does not have neutrons. It is an isotope of the element hydrogen called protium. Protium, which contains a single proton and a single electron, is the simplest atom.

Is ytterbium toxic?

All compounds of ytterbium are treated as highly toxic, although studies appear to indicate that the danger is minimal. However, ytterbium compounds cause irritation to human skin and eyes, and some might be teratogenic. Metallic ytterbium dust can spontaneously combust, and the resulting fumes are hazardous.

What has 53 protons and 74 neutrons?

iodineSolution. The atomic number of iodine (53) tells us that a neutral iodine atom contains 53 protons in its nucleus and 53 electrons outside its nucleus. Because the sum of the numbers of protons and neutrons equals the mass number, 127, the number of neutrons is 74 (127 – 53 = 74).

How many neutrons are in gold?

118 neutronsThis would be called “gold-197”. It is gold (Au) since it has 79 protons (the charge number of 79) and it has 118 neutrons (197 – 79 = 118). “gold-195” has 79 protons (or it wouldn’t be gold) but it has 116 neutrons.

Can neutrons exist alone?

A neutron can exist on its own just fine, it just won’t exist very long. With a half-life of about 10 minutes, neutrons decay into protons, electrons, and antielectron-neutrinos.

Which atom has most neutrons?

livermoriumThe atom with the largest number of neutrons is a tie between livermorium and tennessine. Each of these atoms contain 177 neutrons. Livermorium has…

What 2 elements have 10 neutrons?

The number of neutrons corresponding to the most common isotope of the element is in bold type. All beryllium atoms have 5 neutrons in the nucleus and all fluorine atoms have 10 neutrons. Most hydrogen atoms have no neutrons but the deuterium isotope (H-2) has 1 neutron and the tritium isotope (H-3) has 2 neutrons.

What two elements have 30 neutrons?

You might also like:ElementSymbolNumber of Neutrons (most stable isotope)ChlorineCl18CalciumCa20ManganeseMn30IronFe308 more rows

What has 7 protons and 9 Neutrons?

FluorineExplanation: By looking at the periodic table, you will see that Fluorine has 9 protons. Since the number of electrons equal the number of protons, Fluorine has 9 electrons as well.

How do you know the number of electrons?

The number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom can be determined from a set of simple rules.The number of protons in the nucleus of the atom is equal to the atomic number (Z).The number of electrons in a neutral atom is equal to the number of protons.More items…

Which element has 70 neutrons?

YtterbiumNameYtterbiumAtomic Mass173.04 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons70Number of Neutrons103Number of Electrons709 more rows

Can you have more protons than neutrons?

According to Wikipedia: Other than protium (ordinary hydrogen), helium-3 is the only stable isotope of any element with more protons than neutrons.

Why do neutrons have no charge?

A neutron has no net charge because the charge of the quarks that make up the neutron balance each other out.