Quick Answer: What Does Faintly Mean?

What does biannual mean?


occurring twice a year; semiannual.

occurring every two years; biennial..

What does misinformed mean?

: wrongly or badly informed: such as. a : having wrong or inaccurate information about a topic He was slightly misinformed on a few points of the discussion.

What is a feint attack?

A feint attack is designed to draw defensive action towards the point under assault. It is usually used as a diversion to force the enemy to concentrate more manpower in a given area, to weaken the opposing force in another area.

What does I feel faint mean?

Understanding fainting. Fainting happens when you lose consciousness for a short amount of time because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. The medical term for fainting is syncope, but it’s more commonly known as “passing out.” A fainting spell generally lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes.

What does very faintly mean?

feeling dizzy or weak as if about to lose consciousness. without boldness or courage; timid (esp in the combination faint-hearted) not the faintest, not the faintest idea or not the faintest notion no idea whatsoeverI haven’t the faintest. SEE MORE.

What is the opposite word of faint?

Antonyms: imperceptible, distinct, courageous, strong, brave, unperceivable, well. Synonyms: lightheaded, swooning, shadowy, weak, fainthearted, faint-hearted, light-headed, dim, vague, feeble, timid, wispy, light.

What is an illogical argument?

1. Irrelevant Reasoning: Writers with faulty reasoning include reasons that aren’t really relevant, or related, to the opinion or claim. Here, for example, is an argument that does not quite work because the author includes an irrelevant reason: … In support of that opinion, the author does offer a relevant reason.

What does pulque mean?

Pulque (Spanish: [‘pulke] ( listen); Classical Nahuatl: metoctli), or octli, is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. It is traditional to central Mexico, where it has been produced for millennia.

How can I prevent fainting?

Can Fainting Be Prevented?If possible, lie down. This can help prevent a fainting episode, as it lets blood get to the brain. … Sit down with your head lowered forward between your knees. … Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. … Keep blood circulating. … Avoid overheated, cramped, or stuffy environments, whenever possible.

How do you use the word faint in a sentence?

Faint sentence examplesHer heartbeat was faint and slow. … He winked with a faint smile, and she relaxed. … “I’m not lucky enough to die,” he said with a faint smile. … He smelled like a heady mix of male musk and something so faint and sweet, it made her want to press her face to the skin of his chest for a better smell.More items…

What does having braces mean?

brace noun (SUPPORT) He was recently fitted with a brace for his bad back. [ C ] UK plural braces. (US braces [ plural ]) a set of connected wires that is attached to a person’s teeth in order to make them straight: I had to wear a brace for my crooked teeth when I was a teenager.

What does a faint smile mean?

2 adj A faint attempt at something is one that is made without proper effort and with little enthusiasm. Caroline made a faint attempt at a laugh…, A faint smile crossed the Monsignor’s face and faded quickly…

What causes a faint?

Fainting usually is caused by a temporary drop in blood pressure. During that brief drop, the brain does not get the blood flow that it needs—and you lose consciousness.

What is the meaning of terrifying?

1 : causing terror or apprehension. 2 : of a formidable nature.

Is it faint or feint of heart?

A feint—whether in chess, boxing, fencing, or on the battlefield—is a maneuver designed to divert the opponent’s attention from the real center of attack. A feint is a daring move. Do not use this very specialized word in the expression “faint of heart” (or “faint at heart”), which implies timidity.

What is the synonym of faint?

SYNONYMS. pass out, lose consciousness, fall unconscious, black out, collapse. informal flake out, keel over, conk out, zonk out, drop, go out, go out like a light. literary swoon.

What does feint mean?

noun. a movement made in order to deceive an adversary; an attack aimed at one place or point merely as a distraction from the real place or point of attack: military feints; the feints of a skilled fencer. a feigned or assumed appearance: His air of approval was a feint to conceal his real motives.

What does illogical mean?

adjective. not logical; contrary to or disregardful of the rules of logic; unreasoning: an illogical reply.