Quick Answer: What Are The New Digital Technologies?

What are the new technologies in 2020?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative tech evolutions of our times.

5G data networks.

Autonomous Driving.

Personalized and predictive medicine.

Computer Vision.

Extended Reality.

Blockchain Technology..

What is the latest technology in 2019?

Here are the top 10 emerging technologies in 2019, according to the report:5G. … Serverless computing. … Blockchain. … Robotics. … Biometrics. … 3D printing. … Virtual reality (VR)/Augmented reality (AR) … Drones. Drones enable robotic automation with fewer geographical restrictions, the report noted.More items…•

Which technology should I learn in 2020?

Machine learning, data engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud computing–these are just some of the best tech skills to learn in 2020.

What are two major digital printing technologies?

As for the printing itself, there are two main digital printing technologies in use today – the inkjet printing technology and the dry toner digital printing technology. The inkjet technology uses an electrostatic system to attract minute droplets of ink on the medium, thereby recreating the actual image.

What are the 7 types of technology?

Terms in this set (7)Agriculture and Bio-Technology. Developing and using devices and systems to plant, grow, and harvest crops.Energy and Power Technology. … Construction Technology. … Manufacturing Technology. … Transportation Technology. … Medical Technology. … Information and Communication Technology.

What are the 10 product of technology?

The top 10 best tech gadgets and products of the year. And the worst.Evapolar USB portable mini air conditioner. … Samsung Galaxy S7. … Samsung 960 SSD and T3 USB drive. … Tesla Powerwall 2. … Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi. … Nvidia GTX 1080. … Google Daydream VR. … Google Assistant.More items…

What are the 5 examples of technology?

5 Examples of Technology You Can Use NowSmart phones. 5 Examples of Technology You Can Use Now. … Automatic lights. Falls are the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older adults. … Activity and health monitoring. Technology you can use can take many forms. … Tablet computers. … Automated cabinets.

Who invented digital?

John Vincent AtanasoffFrederick, Maryland, U.S. John Vincent Atanasoff, OCM, (October 4, 1903 – June 15, 1995) was an American physicist and inventor, best known for being credited with inventing the first electronic digital computer. Atanasoff invented the first electronic digital computer in the 1930s at Iowa State College.

What big things are happening in 2020?

The year 2020 has seen its fair share of major historic events in a little over three months — including the acquittal of President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial, the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are 26 major moments that happened in 2020 so far.

Which tech skills are most in demand?

Here are the most in-demand tech skills of 2019, according to Indeed:C. … C++ … Amazon Web Services (AWS) … JavaScript. … Linux. … Python. … Java. Description: A popular programming language and computing platform. … SQL. Description: A programming language used to manage databases.More items…•

What are the digital technologies?

Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. Well known examples include social media, online games, multimedia and mobile phones. Digital learning is any type of learning that uses technology.

What was the first digital technology?

The Electronic Numerical Integrator, and Calculator (ENIAC) was often credited as the first electronic digital computer. A 1973 court ruling on patent infringement declared John V. Atanasoff and Clifford E. Berry were the digital computer’s inventors and that the ENIAC had been derived from their design.

What is new technology examples?

ExamplesArtificial intelligence.3D printing.Gene therapy.Cancer vaccines.In vitro meat.Nanotechnology.Robotics.Stem-cell therapy.More items…

Is AI a digital technology?

AI is about making computers smarter by allowing them to learn. Machine Learning is the application of AI using big data and powerful computing. … This information was developed in collaboration with Computer Science Education Research (CSER) group and The Digital Technologies Institute.

What are the next big technologies?

9 Innovations That Could Become the Next “Big Thing”Artificial Intelligence (AI) … Autonomous driving. … Reusable rockets. … Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. … Rapid adaptation of renewable energy. … Large scale desalination. … Ridiculously fast internet. … Online DNA analysis.More items…

How do I know my latest technologies?

Where to Get Latest Technology News?Social Recap.TheNextWeb.com.Wired.com.Tech2.com.Gizmodo.com.Mashable.com.TheVerge.com.DigitalTrends.com.More items…

What is the best skill to learn in 2020?

The online learning platform analyzed user data to determine what classes are the most popular among engineering, marketing, sales and financial teams that use its workplace learning service. For workers in marketing and finance, SQL — or Structured Query Language — is listed one of the top skills to master in 2020.