Question: How Do I Remove An Authenticator From My Battle Net Account?

How long does it take blizzard to remove authenticator?

To be fair, mine took about 5 days to be resolved so its normal to have a long wait.

If it took you 5 days, then there must have been some extenuating circumstances involved..

Can Blizzard restore my deleted account?

Delete Blizzard Account If it is either deleted you CANNOT get your account back, sorry. If it has lost then try remember the name of the “Lost” Account, I recently discorved my lost account that was on PS4. If you CANNOT remember the name I would contact customer support about it, but if they are no help.

How do I remove my Authenticator?

Delete a 2FA account token on AndroidOpen the Authy Android app.Tap the … (menu) icon in the upper right corner, and then select Settings.Tap Accounts.Tap and hold the desired authenticator account, and then select Remove.A notification window will be displayed advising your account will be deleted in 48 hours.

How do I remove a card from Pokerstars?

Cards: Deleting/updating your card detailsDeposit: Click here to use a previously used method to complete your deposit.Remove: Click here to delete a previously used method from this window (the method can still be used in the future).Other payment methods: Click here to see all other deposit options available to you.More items…

How do I transfer my Blizzard Authenticator to a new phone?

New Phone. If you want to move your Mobile Authenticator to a new device, you’ll want to remove the old one first, then add a new one. If you don’t have access to the old device, please contact us.

Can you use Google Authenticator for Blizzard?

Both Google Authenticator and Blizzard’s official authenticator use the open-standard “TOTP” for authentication codes. … Google only uses 6-digit codes, while Blizzard uses 8-digit codes. There does not appear to be any way to configure Google Authenticator to produce 8-digit codes.

How do I remove a game from my Battlenet account?

WindowsOpen the Blizzard desktop app, select the icon for the game you want to uninstall, select , then select Uninstall Game.To reinstall, select Install from the appropriate game tab.

How do I change my Blizzard Authenticator?

I just did it myself: You’ll have to remove the authenticator from your previous phone device from your Blizzard account (by first confirming a few codes from it), and then add the new one (by entering the serial number and authentication code) once you’ve installed the app on your new device.

Will uninstalling battle net delete my games?

Note: Uninstalling the Blizzard desktop app does not uninstall your game clients.

Why are people deleting Blizzard Accounts?

Blocking Users From Deleting Their Blizzard Accounts Some Blizzard users reportedly started to delete their accounts in protest of the Blitzchung controversy. However, a rumor began circulating on social media that the game developer is blocking people from doing so.

Why can’t I delete my Blizzard account?

You may be required to submit a government issue photo ID. To learn more on how and why we collect, store, and use the information you provide us, please see our privacy policy. Customer Support is unable to manually delete Blizzard accounts.

How do I remove my credit card from battle net?

AnswerSign into the Dashboard and go to the “Billing & Payments” page.Select the credit card or PayPal account you would like to delete by clicking on the link next to the credit card or PayPal icon.You will then see you selected payment methods billing address and at the bottom there is a link to delete this method.

What happens if I lose my authenticator wow?

Call Blizzard. The first step is to call Blizzard to get the authenticator removed from your account. This is because you can’t log into your account without an authenticator (and if you had an authenticator right now, you’d not need to change it, would you?).

How do I get Blizzard Authenticator?

Find the Blizzard Authenticator section, then click Set up an Authenticator. Under Other Options, click the option that matches your Authenticator. Enter the security code sent to your email address, then click Submit. Follow the steps afterwards to add your authenticator.

Does Blizzard delete inactive accounts?

We don’t delete Blizzard accounts for inactivity unless they are completely empty, and it’s been years since it was last used. It may be the case that you are using the wrong email, or worse yet, that someone gained access to the account and changed the email.

Does steam save credit card info?

You don’t have to save your credit card info when you purchase something on Steam.

How do I get Blizzard Authenticator on my PC?

Go to your web browser on your PC and, in the 14-Digit Serial Number field, type the exact Serial number shown by the Blizzard Authenticator app on your smartphone. Back on your smartphone, press Continue and, on the next screen, you should see a temporary security code displayed.