Question: How Do I Find Out When My Telstra Plan Ends?

What happens when Telstra plan ends?

At the end of the contract as far as Telstra is concerned you don’t need to do anything re your plan etc.

Eeverything for calls, data etc just runs along the same as usual, and of course any handset repayment you’ve been paying monthly stops, you just pay for the basic plan you were on..

How do I change my Telstra plan online?

To change your home phone plan:Sign into Telstra 24×7 My Account using your Telstra ID.If you have more than one account, you will need to select the relevant account from the blue bar at the top of the screen.Click on your Home phone service.Hover over the blue Options box.Select Change plan.More items…

Do I have to give my phone back at the end of a contract?

You don’t actually have to do anything when your contract ends, but if you don’t then you’ll typically keep paying the same price for the same allowances. … For example, O2 Refresh tariffs do this by splitting your monthly charge into phone payments and your ‘Airtime Plan’ (what you pay for allowances).

Can you get out of a Telstra contract?

The first step is to register a complaint with Telstra and ask that you be removed from their service (the quickest way to do this is by calling 13 2200 and saying “complaint”.) You will need to talk your way up the chain to a supervisor or manager who has authorisation to cancel your contract.

How do I check my Telstra plan?

You can check your bundle contract by signing in to the My Telstra app, Telstra 24×7 app or Telstra 24×7 My Account: In the app, tap Services at the bottom of the screen and select your bundle service.

What happens if you don’t upgrade your phone?

An un-upgraded Android phone is unsafe for daily use. Period. There are far too many security flaws in Android and the potential of losing your data or having your phone otherwise p0wned is too high. If your phone can’t be upgraded, I wouldn’t recommend using it as a daily-use phone.

When my phone contract ends what happens?

Remember, when your contract ends, it means you’ve paid off your handset and it belongs to you. This gives you the flexibility to choose a sim only, or pay-as-you-go deal.

How much longer do I have on my Telstra plan?

Checking your Contract End Date with the Telstra 24×7 App Open the Telstra 24×7 App, click the menu icon as shown below and select ‘My Usage’. Press ‘My Plan’ at the top of the screen. From here, you can view your end of contract date as well as how much it will cost to change/cancel your contract.

How much does it cost to cancel Telstra plan?

You need to contact us to cancel the service. Your BigPond Email account is free for the first 12 months after your service is disconnected, from then on a $79 annual fee will apply if you do not cancel your email service.

How can I find out when my phone contract ends?

You can check your contract status by asking your provider – over the phone or livechat – or by logging into your account online. You may also be able to find your contract end date via your provider’s app (if you have downloaded it), by checking a bill, or looking through correspondence with your provider.