Is PUK Code Written On SIM Card?

Why is my SIM card PUK locked?

If your SIM card is blocked, often you have entered the wrong PIN code too many times.

It usually takes three to five wrong entries for your SIM to lock itself.

The PUK code stands for PIN Unblocking Key.

In the U.S., the PUK code is rarely provided when you get your subscription..

How do I get my PUK code three?

You’ll need to phone us to get a PUK code to unlock your SIM. Call us on 333 from a Three phone or 0333 338 1001 (standard rates apply) from any other phone to request a PUK code. Note: Don’t try to unlock your SIM without getting a PUK code from us. If you use the wrong one it’ll block your SIM completely.

How can I get Airtel SMS PUK code?

To find the PUK number of your cell phone, send this message PUK to 121. Ofcourse, if your cell phone is locked send the message from another number (but it has to be another Airtel number) and you’ll get your PUK number as a reply message on the other number.

How can I get my PUK code?

How to find your PUK codeFind your PUK on the SIM card pack. If you’ve still got the little pack that the SIM came in, check on the credit-card sized bit of plastic that the SIM snapped out from. … Contacting your network. If you can’t find your SIM pack, then you’ll need to speak to your network. … Mobile network contact information. Asda Mobile.

How many digits is a PUK code?

8Enter a new pin code. Some phone users must enter **05* before entering the PUK code. Then, enter the 8-digit PUK card and hit enter. Nexus One users should type in the **05*, their PUK number, *, their new PIN number, *, their new PIN number again, #.

How can I get my PUK code without calling idea?

How to Get IDEA Number PUK Code. Idea customer can Dial *121*4*1*13# ussd code to know your Idea number PUK code or call on the Idea customer care number from another Idea number and verify your details to Idea customer support executive to know your Idea number PUK code.

How can I recover my PUK blocked SIM?

To get your PUK number:Dial *100*8# from another phone.Enter your mobile phone number.Enter your national ID number.You’ll receive your PUK code shortly via a text message.

What is the 8 digit PUK code?

Personal Unblocking KeyThe PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is a code consisting of 8 digits. It is used to unblock your SIM card when you entered 3 times a wrong PIN code. A card blocked by the PUK code cannot be unblocked; it cannot be used any further and you have to replace it.

How do I find my 19 digit SIM number?

Press Menu and select Settings. Scroll down and click About. Click Phone Identity (or Status, depending on your Android model) Click IMEI information….Select Settings.Select Device.Select Advanced System Settings.Select SIM card.The 19-digit ID number on your SIM will be listed under ICCID.

How can I get BSNL PUK code without calling customer service?

How to unlock PUK code in BSNL Mobile?Open your mobile screen.You will be shown an error SIM card locked, enter PUK.Enter your SIM card PUK in the desired field which you have obtained with the above process.Click on OK.

Can I unblock a phone that’s been blocked?

Is there honestly no way to unblock a phone? … All phones are identified by their IMEI number: A unique string of numbers which you can find out by dialing *#06# on your phone. If this number is on the blacklist, your phone is blocked; simple! So the only way to unblock your phone is to change the device’s IMEI number.

What is the network unlock PIN?

SIM Network Unlock PIN is a PIN you have to input to unlock your mobile device that is locked by a specific carrier. Phones are usually sold locked on contract with a network. They are also sold by networks at a subsidized price to attract customers and they end up paying at any charging network imposes.

How can I get PUK code for SMS?

PUK code is a unique code for each SIM card and will be provided by your service provider. To find the PUK number of your cell phone, send this message PUK to 121.

What is SIM network PUK?

The PIN unblocking key (PUK; sometimes called personal unlocking key) is a master security code for unblocking and resetting the personal identification number (PIN) for your SIM card. … You must enter your PUK into your phone to unblock the SIM card. If your SIM card becomes blocked, contact us to get your PUK.

How can you unblock?

Unblock a numberOpen your Phone app .Tap More .Tap Settings. Blocked numbers.Next to the number you want to unblock, tap Clear. Unblock.