How Popular Is The Name Andrea?

Records indicate that 108,536 girls in the United States have been named Carole since 1880.

The greatest number of people were given this name in 1942, when 8,412 people in the U.S.

were given the name Carole.

Those people are now 75 years old..

How do you say Andrea in Spanish?

3 Answers. *Your first name (Andrea) is already Spanish. Ahn-dray-ah.

Top Names Over the Last 100 YearsMalesFemalesRankNameName1JamesMary2JohnPatricia3RobertJennifer93 more rows

How do you spell Andrea?

Correct spelling for the English word “Andrea” is [ˈandɹi͡ə], [ˈandɹi‍ə], [ˈa_n_d_ɹ_iə] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for ANDREAAndre,andreotti,anderegg,andresen,anhydrous,anhydride,Andres,antrorse,More items…

What does Sofia mean?

Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, giving it a meaning directly related to the place. It is also a variation of Sophia, meaning “wisdom” and of Greek origins.

What is the origin of Andrea?

Andrea Origin and Meaning The name Andrea is a girl’s name of German, English, Italian origin meaning “strong and manly”. … Originally the Italian male form of Andrew, Andrea is found across many European cultures–for one gender or the other.

What does the name Andrea mean for a girl?

French Baby Names Meaning: In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Andrea is: Brave. A feminine form of the Greek Andrew, meaning manly or brave, dating back to the 17th century. Feminine form of Andre.

What does the name Andrea mean in the Bible?

This name derives from the Ancient Greek “Andréas (Ἀνδρέας)”, which in turn derives from “anḗr ‎(ἀνήρ) andrós ‎(ἀνδρός)”, meaning “man, adult male, husband”. In turn the name means “manly and strong, courageous and warrior”. He was the first Apostle in the New Testament. … No Hebrew or Aramaic name is recorded for him.

What does Andrea mean in Latin?

Andrea comes from the Latin meaning “Womanly” or “Beautiful Lady”.

What does Carole mean?

French Baby Names Meaning: In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Carole is: The french form of the English Carol, a dimunitive of Charles meaning strong.

Is Andrea a white name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name ANDREA is 75.2% White, 9.6% Hispanic origin, 11.6% Black, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.4% Two or More Races, and 0.6% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Is Andrea a Greek name?

The name derives from the Greek noun ἀνήρ anēr, with genitive ἀνδρός andros, which means “man” (i.e. male human being). See the article on Andrew for more information.

What are nicknames for Andrea?

Best NicknamesOrigin:Greek. Meaning: “manly, virile, warrior” feminine form of Andreas.Best Nicknames: Andee, Andi, Andie, Drea.Variations and Sound Alikes: Aindrea, Andra, Andreana, Andreas, Andria, Andrina, Aundrea.Andrea TV and Movie Quotes: “Andrea, my God! You look so chic.” … Famous people named Andrea or its variations.

What kind of name is Andrea?

The name Andrea means Manly and is of Italian origin. Andrea is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender. Form of ANDREW.

Is Andrea a Hispanic name?

In Czech, Slovak, Polish, Slovenian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Scandinavian languages and Spanish, Andrea is a feminine name. Masculine forms are Andrej, Ondřej, Andrzej, Anže, Andrew, Andreas, András, Andreo, Andrés, Anders, Andries or Andre. … In Italian, Andrea is a primarily masculine name.

What is Andrea in Irish?

Andrea in Irish is Aindréa. Listen to the pronunciation of Aindréa.