How Can I Apply Sri Lanka Visa Online?

How do I apply for a visa to Sri Lanka?

Obtaining a Visa Visit the Sri Lanka electronic visa website ( several days before arriving.

Follow the online application process and pay with a credit or debit card.

Once approved, print out the visa confirmation..

How long does it take to get Sri Lanka visa?

Standard processing – Your ETA application is processed within 24 hours, and the price is USD 40.00 (service fees included). Rush processing – You will receive your ETA within 4 hours, and the total price of it is USD 70.00 (service fees included).

How Much Does Indian E visa cost?

Visa Service feeVisa typesService fee/person (US Dollar)e-Tourist Visa$35e-Business Visa$45e-Medical Visa$45e-Medical Attendant Visa$451 more row

How can I extend my Sri Lankan visa online?

The Short Visit visa may be extended up to 90 days from the date of arrival at the first instance and further 90 days at the second instance. Application for an extension should be submitted to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration (head office) by visiting the Department or through an Authorized Agent.

How much does it cost to extend Sri Lanka visa?

Online: $20 (for SAARC countries ) and $35 (all other countries). On arrival: $25 (for SAARC countries ) and $40 (all other countries).

What are the documents required for visa?

Documents Required For VISAPassport, in original, with a minimum validity of six months as on the date of submission of application for visa. … One recent passport-size colour photograph depicting full face.Proof of Residence: Either a copy of National ID Card or Utility Bill such as electricity, telephone or water bill.More items…•

Do I need a photo for Sri Lanka visa?

If you want to apply for a Sri Lanka visa, a picture captured in the last 6 months will suffice. The photo must be taken against a white background – white provides the best contrast when it comes to pictures. … Any other background color may result in a rejected visa application.

How much does it cost for a Sri Lankan visa?

Charges in United States Dollars1Tourist Visa with Double Entry for 30 days.US$ 352Tourist Visa Single Entry up to 90 days.US$ 353Tourist Visa with Double Entry up to 90 days.US$ 354Business Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days.US$ 406 more rows

How long does it take to get Sri Lanka visa online?

How to submit an ETA application.ETA application can be submitted using one of the following options:A confirmed return ticket.Sufficient funds to meet the expenses during the stay.The ETA is initially limited up to 30 days from the date of arrival and it can be extended up to six months.84 more rows

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka? It may sound cliched but Sri Lanka is genuinely a year-round holiday destination, although the best time to go to Sri Lanka is between December and mid-April, which is considered to be the peak season.

Do you have to pay for a visa to Sri Lanka?

Brits heading to Sri Lanka will no longer need to pay for a visa, after Sri Lankan authorities have chosen to waiver visa fees for visitors.

What is the best month to visit Sri Lanka?

Generally, the best time to visit the west and south coasts as well as the Cultural Triangle is between December and April, while on the east coast the climate is at its finest from May through to October.

How can I apply for online visa?

Government of India Online. Fill and Submit Visa Application Form Securely.Submit Documents. Submit your application with required. documents at Indian Visa Application Center or at Indian Mission.Receive Passport, visa. Collect your passport/visa from. Indian Mission/Visa Application Center.

Can I get Sri Lanka visa on arrival?

Holders of an ETA can then obtain a visa on arrival to Sri Lanka by presenting the ETA and passport to the Sri Lankan immigration officer. A visa obtained on arrival is valid for 30 days, but can be extended up to 180 days.

What happens if I overstay my visa in Sri Lanka?

Those overstaying visas more than one day will be charged US$ 500. At present those who overstay their visas for more than a month are imposed a fine of USD 25, while those who overstay for more than two months are required to pay US$ 50.

How do I arrange my visa documents?

Also, some visas require an entire page of a passport (or even two) so make sure you have extra pages available.Attach official translations of documents if necessary. … Don’t staple, use paper clips. … Have a cover sheet with details of the visa application. … Use a table of contents and organizing tabs.More items…•

Is iVisa safe?

With such risk-free service and guaranteed approval and satisfaction, iVisa is a no-brainer if you need help obtaining a visa. The reason iVisa can make this promise is that immigration experts review your data.

Can I get a visa at Colombo airport?

You can get a Sri Lanka transit visa at the airport in Colombo if you plan your trip last minute. Since you may not have the time to get your ETA prior to your departure, there is a facility at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo where you can obtain the document you need for transit.